What the Patients are saying

“Orgasms are intense, pleasurable, and prolonged. And for a man approaching age 67, this came as quite a surprise!” – G.O.
October 22, 2015
“My health was declining so slowly I didn’t see the signs… Once I knew something was wrong I hopped from one doctor to another with no answers… By the time I came to Dr. Camp I was in serious trouble… He took the time to listen, was very clear on what I needed to do and started me on my journey towards good health well armed. I have/had many issues, GERD, Lyme Disease, MAC to name a few. Dr. Camp understands how everything in the body is interconnected and knows how to address each issue and when it would be most effective. Some are quick fixes while others take time, patience is key. After all it took years to get into trouble. I feel fortunate to have Dr. Camp in my corner and you can depend on his helpful, kind, professional and supportive staff to return calls and emails with any questions you might have. Here’s to good health!!!” - Christine McLeod
“I had been dealing with chronic fatigue for nearly 7 years, and tried every therapy, supplement, accupuncture, diet, and medical intervention short of anti-biotics. It got to the point in 2014 where I was losing my motivation for living and wondering whether I’d ever make it to 70 (I’m 62). In early 2015 I had my first LDA shot. Within 2 days, I felt the fog begin to lift. Now, nearly year later, my energy’s back to normal, cognition about 90% of what it used to be. Life is worth living again. A million thanks!”George
November 9th 2015

After working with Dr. Camp for 12 months I started to notice improvements. My energy started to return and I was once again enjoying golf. Dr. Camp was there to guide me step my step, and his advice was clear and easy to follow. He cares deeply for his patients and he is truly an expert in his field.
Thanks Dr. Camp!

Aree Song
Professional Golfer
Dr. Camp’s
Medical knowledge and expertise on adrenal health and recovery will help many people who are suffering from fatigue and other chronic illnesses, just as he has helped me.Clas Bjorling
Professional triathlete
Swedish Ironman record holder

What can I say, simply that Dr. Camp has helped me get healthier than I have ever been in my entire adult life. He has changed the direction of my life in such a positive way I cannot thank him enough. I am able to do things I would never have dreamed of at the (now) young age of 57.
Dr. Camp is a genius. He will figure you out from the inside out. He genuinely wants to help you get healthy, that’s his passion.

I originally went to him through a referral from another Doctor around 5 years ago. Given the particular ailment I was inflicted with, which does not have a known cure currently, we started by getting a baseline of my overall health by doing quite a bit of blood testing. Once we could identify the imbalances in my blood we started to address one imbalance at a time. Starting slowly and diligently with supplements to bring my vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hormones into their proper ranges.
The theory was… we need a well balanced body before we can start to see what ailments exist that are not just manifestations of simple imbalances. Every human being is out of balance. The trick is to get balanced as much as possible. Your genes play a big role, it is what you were given at birth, like it or not.
Once you get your baseline health up to par, you start feeling so much better. Now you can begin to optimize your body if you wish. I was able to work out harder and longer than I had in 30 years. Now you have a choice, be the best you can be or stay in good general health.
Either way, it is a pretty nice choice to have.
I chose to keep getting healthier; stronger, leaner, faster, and have more endurance. I am not giving up on the potential to feel as good as possible everyday.
That’s where I stand now. Strong, healthy, lean with significant endurance. My blood levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hormones are well balanced. This is not an easy task. You will need to keep blood testing occasionally to make sure everything is in check.
The most important thing anyone can do to help Dr. Camp help themself is pay close attention to your physical and mental health as you go through the process. Take notes if necessary. Do whatever you need to do to give him feedback as to what you are feeling along the way. Blood tests are only indicators, not the entire picture. You should take this on as a project that has a very high priority in your life, because it does. Your health is the most important thing you have.
As far as my original incurable ailment, I still have it, however, we have fixed more than 10 other ailments and imbalances that I did not even know I had. Now the original ailment is not as bad as before because my general health is so much better.
If you want to get healthy and you are willing to work on the process alongside the most caring Doctor you will ever have the chance to know, I would recommend you contact their office and get started. It takes time.
There are no shortcuts. Don’t expect a pill, its not that simple.
Michael Guasch
Martinez, CA

Mold Toxins

December 4, 2008
Dr. Camp very literally saved the life of my girlfriend, who was thought to have fibromyalgia but which turned out to be mold toxins. None of the doctors thought of that (and we saw a lot of them) except for Dr. Camp, and a biopsy sent to a specialist confirmed his suspicion, and after over a year of her health rapidly and severely declining, she was nearly 100% improved in a matter of a couple months of following the recommended treatments, with the first signs of positive progress coming after just two weeks. He also helped her immensely with her Celiac disease and Graves disease.

The specialist Dr. Camp referred us to explained that my girlfriend was very near death, and was the worst case he had seen in someone that was still living. Having watched her decline, I can’t disagree with that statement. While our neurologist stayed stuck on fibromyalgia as a diagnosis in spite of our pleading with her to look for more, only Dr. Camp came through. We owe my girlfriend’s life to him.


Dr. Camp helped me completely recover from Fibromyalgia. He restored my immune system, colon and adrenals. He stopped my sleep disorder with minerals. He is a rare MD that understands wholistic health and eastern medicine. He has accupuncturists working in his office. He is smart and young…as a nurse I know a good doctor when I see one.

Call me for a referral…415-686-6197…Gwen Sniady


November 2008
I cannot tell you enough how amazing Dr. Morgan Camp has been for me as a healer, and a physician. Not only is he caring, skilled and attentive, he is also one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have ever met.

He is the rare combination of traditional medical expertise, along with the best of the alternative and complementary techniques. He has helped me achieve healing in body, mind and soul rather than so-called quick fixes which mask my symptoms.

And I have to say that there just is something amazing going on in that office: everything in that place is really caring, warm and interested in my health and wellbeing. I love going there because I feel better and can make lasting changes in my health. I recommend that you go to Dr. Camp if you are interested in a wonderful healing experience. Thank you, Dr. Camp.


Dear Dr. Camp,

I was suffering from a terrible cough that led to asthma over the past few years. I went to several doctors and received various treatments before finding you, none of which did much for me.

Finally, after coming to see you, things started to improved almost immediately. You are the first doctor that looked at my health from a holistic perspective and considered other circumstances for my condition. You really took the time and listened to all my needs and concerns.

You’ve been very thoughtful and compassionate, and your staff always makes me feel welcomed. One last thing I would like to say, your policy of allowing ample time between scheduled appointments is a welcome change, I never feel like I’m being rushed out the door.

I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to experience the best Doctor in town!

Thank you,

Intestinal Parasites

March 31, 2009

I give my highest recommendation, respect, and gratitude to Dr. Camp. He not only diagnosed what other doctors had no clue about what my illness was, but he treated me immediately and effectively with the correct Western and alternative drugs and medicines. I had been extremely ill for a year, when by luck an acupuncturist referred me to him. Dr. Camp listens to what you are telling him, knows what certain symptoms mean, and he uses a wide variety of treatments. He is also compassionate and open minded, which are rare. I can not thank him enough for bringing me through the hardest physical time in my life, and for continuing with me on bringing my health and vitality back to it’s full capacity. The intestinal parasites and bacteria which brought my life to a stand still, are gone!


Mahalia Pugatch
Fairfax, California