Patients have come to see Dr. Morgan Camp from all over the United States and other countries as far away as Holland, Germany, Sweden, and even China.   Our success in treating patients with chronic disease and the associated hormonal imbalances and vitamin deficiencies is unmatched. Regardless of your age and the length or severity of your problem, you should be able to live a normal life free of pain and suffering.  Join us and the growing community of satisfied clients who have prevented and/or reversed their illness. We guarantee that you haven’t gotten this kind of care before. Here are just of few of the things we do differently:

  • We Guarantee you that we will be on time!
  • All of our treatment programs are personalized to meet your body’s needs.  Dr. Camp uses extensive testing to identify with great confidence the source of your ailments and then treats them accordingly.
  • Your consultation is all with the doctor (usually 60 minutes or more), not a nurse or physician’s assistant.
  • The doctor wants to hear your complete history and personal story. This is one of the biggest keys to our success.  We listen, get to know you, and then we can really get to the root of your problem.
  • The doctor clearly explains all of your lab results, what they mean, and how best to treat you.
  • We provide you with a binder, copies of your lab work, and lots of documentation to help you keep your treatment clear and organized.
  • We publish our prices.
  • We expect to be able to help you help yourself!

Our Values

  • We integrate the best of modern scientific medicine with natural healing traditions.
  • We practice honesty, integrity and respect with ourselves, our coworkers and most of all you, our patients
  • We practice ongoing and continuous education and improvement in life and medicine
  • Our goal is to empower you to maintain and promote great health
  • We see the individual as a whole being, not a collection of physical parts.  Therefore any illness manifests as “disequilibrium” of this whole being.
  • We aim to treat you on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels resulting in a deep and lasting healing
  • We look for and treat the underlying causes of physical complaints and do not believe in surface symptom management.
  • We believe in proactive, positive, and ongoing communication.

We desire to help you restore your faith in the medical system.