NeurOptimal Brain Training: Help for Lake County Fire victims

Our hearts go out to our neighbors in Lake County who have been affected by the recent fires. In such an emotional time of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty, we encourage you to come in for NeurOptimal Brain Training sessions. It has helped several of our own patients, who are fire victims themselves, find peace, balance, calm and “grounded”-ness in this time of grief.

We are offering victims of the Lake County fire a special rate for NeurOptimal brain training sessions: $150 for an unlimited month* (we recommend 1-2 per week). Dr. Camp feels strongly that NeurOptimal will be tremendously beneficial for those dealing with the aftermath of losing their homes and possessions in the fire. Please read our page on NeurOptimal for more details on the program itself.

Call our office to set up an appointment: 415-383-9903
Email with questions or for more information.

*Note: normal rates are $99 per session. As for everyone, first session is complimentary.