Our Mission

  • Our office is unique in that we bridge the gap between naturopathic medicine and standard allopathic medicine. We simply call this Good Medicine.
  • Our goal is to have you reach your highest health potential using state of the art testing, diagnosing, and very specific and targeted treatments.
  • Dr. Camp is an expert in functional medicine with an emphasis on nutrition, bio-identical hormone replacement and allergy/immunology.
  • We also pride ourselves on creating a highly individualized treatment program that is unique to you and your specific health and wellness needs.
  • We focus on correcting the root cause of your illness and symptoms rather than simply trying to mask the symptoms as most standard doctors practice.

How We do it

Dr. Camp has a unique process that he uses for each patient to create the perfect individualized program for your optimal health.  Most patients receive treatment in the following systems:

  • Hormones including sex hormones, thyroid, and adrenals.
  • Digestive System including allergies, infections, detoxification.
  • Nutrient and Vitamin Therapies
  • Allergy and Autoimmunity Desensitization using LDA/LDI

How We Gather Information

  • From our patient’s symptoms/experience.  Dr. Camp believes that 90% of what he needs to treat you is from taking a detailed history and physical exam.  For many patients, Dr. Camp will ask that you write down a thorough and detailed history that includes all known medical problems, infections, treatments that have worked and that have failed in as much detail as possible to augment your in office visit.
  • Labs
  • Labs: There are many different types of labs.  Some are in the form of take home kits (stool, salivary, urine) and other will be done at any location that can draw blood.  For blood draws, we recommend LabCorp for the most accurate results.
  • Follow up labs – Dr. Camp will want you to do follow up labs anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months after your initial testing to make sure that you are responding well to treatment. We monitor our patients closely, especially when on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), thyroid medication, or prescriptions. Depending on your treatment program, the doctor will need follow-up labs and appointments every 2-4 months. This is to insure that you are receiving the best care possible and that your body is responding desirably to the therapy.

Patient Expectations

  • Initial Appointment – Your first visit is extensive. Dr. Camp will ask questions to cover your health history from birth to the present time.  Dr. Camp will look for general themes and discuss your current status.  From there, you and the doctor will devise the best way to find out where your levels are and what changes we should make.  Typically, you will leave your first appointment with a lab order and possibly some supplements.
  • Follow Up Appointments: We closely monitor each of our patients to make sure you are reaching desired health and wellness goals.
  • 1st Follow Up appointment is 2-6 weeks after the initial appointment and is an Extended review of your initial appointment and a detailed analysis of your lab results.  At this time your Optimal Health Program will be updated.
  • 2nd Follow Up appointment will normally be a Standard appointment to fine tune your program and to make sure you are responding well to your program. Follow-up lab testing will be ordered at this time.
  • Please note, Dr. Camp does not treat patients via email or quick yes/no question and answer sessions.  Your highest health needs require his undivided attention and his full concentration.  Often while treating one problem, other problems will arise that will provide Dr. Camp with more insight into your health and your underlying and contributing factors.  It is your responsibility to communicate those needs to Dr. Camp and to schedule the frequent follow-ups that are needed to bring you long term improvements.


  • Supplements – We house the highest quality supplements from various manufacturers.  All of our supplements are available for sale on our online store, which you have easy access to as our patient.
  • Prescriptions – We work with APS and Vicrin compounding pharmacies, both of which have reputations for superior quality of prescription drugs and customer service. They ship orders directly to patient homes. Orders are placed on our online store.

Cancellation Policy

If your appointment has been cancelled within less than 2 full business days prior to your scheduled appointment then you will be CHARGED the FULL appointment amount.

Insurance Policy

  • We do not accept any type of insurance.
  • At the end of each appointment, Dr. Camp will provide you a superbill with ICD-9 and CPT codes, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  • Ask your insurance if they will cover your labs from an out-of-network visit. If not, our office offers a cash-pay lab service in which you pay for lab work out of pocket.
  • Unfortunately, we are not staffed to work with prior-authorizations or any type of insurance billing
  • We do not work with Medicare; we have opted out.


Our office accepts credit card, cash, or check. Payment is due at the end of each appointment.

Morgan Camp M.D.

Appointment Type: Price:
Initial Consultation $595
Extended Follow Up $395
Standard Follow Up $275